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2010 Year End Habitat Summary

In 2010, the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Pheasants Forever planted and restored 18 acres of warm season grasses, managed one controlled burn, restored 62 acres of wetland and planted 55 acres of trees and shrubs. These projects were all completed by crews and volunteers from Centre, Clinton, Snyder and Union Counties. We are also working on establishing a Wild Pheasant Restoration Area in Penns Valley, like the ones at Montour Preserve, Pike Run, Somerset, and Hegins-Gratz.

Upland Bird Habitat Development

Jesse Putnam, Habitat Forever Crew Leader and Central Pennsylvania Chapter Volunteer, stands in front of a Truax Drill used to plant warm-season grasses to provide upland bird cover. This site was planted with switchgrass and big bluestem along with a wildflower mix. Cooperators along with the Central Pennsylvania Chapter included the landowner, the Foundation for California University of Pennsylvania, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Jesse’s Pheasant Trapping Story

As Timmons says in Dances with Wolves, “I’ll bet someone back east is going, ‘Now why don’t he write?'” Well, it’s cold, very cold. Three days in a row of sub zero temperatures. Normally I would never complain about temperatures below zero, with the real feel near -25, but… When you add several miles a day on a snowmobile, that real feel is amplified. It was cold today. The local Montanans were even complaining about how cold it was. Continue reading Jesse’s Pheasant Trapping Story